Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order Legend Larry's?
You've got options! Order carry-out via our website at some locations, or use DoorDash for delivery from others.

Is carry-out available?
Yes, for all locations except downtown Sheboygan. The kitchen there is a bit tight, so we focus on our in-house guests to maintain quality service.

Can I schedule an order for later?
Absolutely! Feel free to call us during business hours, and we'll happily set up your future order.

What if there’s an issue with my order?
Let us know ASAP if you’re onsite. For any follow-ups or feedback, please contact the location directly or use our website form. We're committed to sorting it out.

Where's the menu and pricing?
Menus and prices can differ by location. For the most accurate details, take a look at the specific menu for your Legend Larry's on our website or consult DoorDash for delivery options.

What are Legend Larry's hours?
Each spot has its own hours. Check our website for your local Legend Larry's specifics.

How do I get in touch with Legend Larry's?
For specific inquiries, call the desired location or drop by. For general questions, our website contact form is the way to go.

Can I buy Legend Larry's sauces in bulk or for my business?
Certainly! Reach out at for wholesale or retail purchase info.

How can I purchase Legend Larry's sauces?
Find them online, at our stores, or in some local retailers. If they're not at your favorite store, maybe suggest they stock up!

Are your offerings gluten-free?
Our wings aren't breaded, and our sauces don’t contain gluten ingredients. But be mindful of potential cross-contamination and some sauces have soy.

Any allergens in the wings or sauces?
Certain sauces may contain allergens, and shrimp is present in our kitchen. We advise checking each sauce's details online or in-store to be safe.

Can I host an event at Legend Larry's?
Yes, at our Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls locations. We have rooms for 30-40 guests. Booking in advance is required, and we handle all the food and drinks. Contact us directly to secure your spot.

Are there job opportunities at Legend Larry's?
Often, yes! Feel free to visit your nearest location and inquire about openings. We'd love to meet potential team members.

Does Legend Larry's engage in community support?
Indeed, we do! We cherish community involvement. If you have an event, team, or cause, use our contact form, and let’s explore how we can contribute.